My 7 Minute Makeup Routine for Lounging Around the House.


This week has been one hell of a ride due to Hurrican Harvey. Fortunately, I was blessed enough to get through the storm with no damages but being stuck in the house without any wifi connection will drive you crazy. 

As a way to stay productive while the storm passed through, I put on clothes and a little makeup to stay alive. I was able to do some cleaning and wash a big pile of laundry that I've been putting off for days. Besides, being in pajamas and laid up with the boo isn't cute after a while.

My 7 Minute Makeup Routine

My routine is very simple. I use this same routine with a couple of changes when I am getting ready for work through out the week. 

1 min concealer

After moisturizing my face, I go in with my concealer stick to cover all of my dark areas. I usually do this first because I try to keep the foundation light and I find that by covering up the dark marks first I can see what else I need to cover after that. My troubled areas are my jawline, mouth, and fore head area.

1 min foundation

After covering the dark areas, I go in with my Mac studio fix full coverage foundation to cover the rest. I like to use a stipple brush to spread it out evenly and keep the foundation light.


1 min eye brow fill in

Whenever I am on a time crunch, I fill in my eyebrows as light as possible. This is only to darken any light areas and make them appear thicker. I skip out on concealing because I am aiming for a natural and fresh look. 

1 Min Setting

For setting in the foundation and concealer, I use the Laura Mercier translucent powder. Honestly, it's not my favorite but it gets the job done when I control the amount that I put on. But one good thing about this powder is I don't experience any creasing!

Side Note: Please let me know if there are better setting powders out there!!

2 Min Blush, Tone, & Eyeshadow

My 7 min routine doesn't include a lot of eyeshadow but I do like to add a bit of color to my face. I'll go in with a small eyeshadow brush and use whatever is left and blend it in the corners of my eyes to add a bit of color and crease. I'll also go in with my contour palette and carve out a bit of cheek and take the same brush and add a small dab of blush to flush out my face.

Simple is always better.

1 Min Lip Stain

After putting on a bit of coverage and adding some color to my face, I go in with a colored lip stick to add color to my lips. I always go with a neutral pink or nude. 


This 7-minute routine is easy and simple. I always love to put on a bit of makeup on days when I don't have any plans but still want to feel put together and productive.



Comment below your favorite foundation. I am on the hunt for new makeup products to try!