How to Become A Better Creator


Building a name, business, or brand takes time. Quite honestly, it takes way more time that we are too freaking impatient for. Maxwell Gladwell did a study in his book, Outliers, stating that to become an expert you must first put in 10,000 hrs of practice in your specific niche. Author, Gladwell, made a valid point. If you are only allowed to put in maybe 5-6 hours a day into your business with the rest of the hours taken by daily life activities such as sleeping, eating, and working then that means mathematically, you will have to work for an average of 5 years to hit the 10,000-hour mark! 

After doing an efficient amount of research on successful people, I noticed a common thread of the number of years worked before arriving to an expert level--five. If Gladwell's prediction is true or being that it's just a coincidence; the question now is are you willing to put in the work for 5 years without receiving recognition? And if so, what will keep you going while on this journey to a level of expertise or as we love to call it--success. 

Here's the tea.

1. I fell in love with doing the work.

As much as we would all like to start from the top, it just doesn't happen that way. The psychologist, Malcolm Gladwell, stated that the "naturally gifted" does not exist. No short cuts. Just work. You have to love the work and the process to be able to continue. How do you believe Lebron James was able to win a championship for his city that hasn't seen one in 50 years? He didn't just go to practice and then go home and kiss his wife. It took more work and dedication even after leaving practice. Without his love for the work, many of his achievements wouldn't have existed.

2. I started Celebrating the small wins.

Being consciously aware of the amount of patience needed to acquire while becoming an expert helps you stay grounded. While you are going through the journey, it's imperative that you celebrate the small wins. Become at peace with being further than you were but still being far from where'd you like to be. 

Remember, all great things take time. Enjoy the journey, celebrate the small wins, and most importantly fall in love with the work. 

How much of your 10,000 hours have you accomplished already?