How Volunteering Helped Grow My Network

As a college student, it is important to grow a network of like-minded people. The people you meet could help you grow your business or help you land your dream job. Connections are always made by getting out of your circle and placing yourself in a room of professional people are already doing the exact thing you want to do. Even if you have to volunteer at an event to network then do so. It helps.




 From experience, most events could get a little pricey and I know being a college student, money could get short. It is beneficial to your experience but, most importantly, to your pockets because you get into the event for free when you volunteer.


People are always needing help when putting an event together. Take advantage and use that as an opportunity to save money. Of course, chances are that you can't actually be on the scene of the event but you are able to get something more valuable--money in your pocket.



Volunteering helps grow your network better than actually attending the event because volunteering allows you to get both a networking experience as well as hands-on experience. You could also add it to your resume' and LinkedIn profile after working the event. Trust me, employers would rather see your work ethic than how many events you attended just for play. 

This past month, I had an amazing opportunity to volunteer at Fashion X Houston. Initially, I was going to attend the event as a guest but ended up not being able to afford the ticket. A few days later, I saw the production team post a graphic on Instagram requesting volunteers. I immediately jumped on it.


Most of the friendships that I have now were formed through attending networking events. The best way to meet like minded people is getting out of your same old circle and going to places where you could find someone that has the same interests as you. I did an entire blog on elevation & reaching a new level of personal growth. #goodread


When it comes to building your brand, don't ever be scared to put yourself out there and network!

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