What Camera Should You Buy? A Beginner's Guide

What Camera Should You Buy?

By: Ty Timlet (2min 30 sec read)


Whether you need a camera for your blog, business, youtube videos, traveling, etc. I am pretty sure you are wanting something that will give you great quality photos while not breaking the bank. But first, I would recommend starting with what’s already in your hand--your Phone. 

Start with what you have

Most phones nowadays have good quality photos ranging up to 12 megapixels which will give you a clear and crisp photo. 




If you are past the ‘phonographer’ stage and want to finally take it to the next level then it’s time to save money and invest. One thing you need to know is that all cameras will range in price.


Of course, if you are on a budget then you will get a less quality camera. If you have money to invest, then you will be able to get a better quality camera. Just like any other industry, you get what you pay for. 

The Point & Shoot Camera

For about $200, you can buy a great point and shoot camera. Point and shoot cameras are small, compact, and are lightweight. They do not have an interchangeable lens but are pretty decent in quality.


The Canon Powershot Elph 350is one of the top recommended cameras for quality and budget costs but honestly, if you have a little extra money, your best bet is to skip a point and shoot camera and buy a DSLR or Mirrorless camera especially if your purpose is to produce amazing content. 


DSLR’s and Mirrorless cameras are more expensive but you will get great quality images. These types of cameras are used by professional photographers, wedding videographers, bloggers, and many successful YouTubers.


There is no right wrong when it comes to buying a camera. It’s all about buying the one that fits your needs. When deciding which camera to buy first think about your purpose. What are you using it for? If you are using it to travel or vlog your day then a great camera would be the Sony mirrorless series.




Not only is this camera small enough to travel in your purse, it also has interchangeable lenses which are super beneficial when it comes to a smaller camera like so. It has great autofocus, clear picture quality, and the camera flips up so you can watch yourself while recording.


The Sony mirrorless series has cameras ranging from $400 up to $2000. Because the lens on this camera is interchangeable, you could use a Canon or Nikon prime lens connected with an adapter but it is best to stick with a Sony lens when using a Sony camera. A great beginner start in the Sony series will be the Sony a5100 or the Sony a6000 depending on your budget.  

DSLR Camera

If you are wanting to pursue professional photography or videos, then I would recommend starting with a DSLR camera. Canon and Nikon have a great selection of lenses with different lengths. I will get into lenses in another blog but for now, let’s focus on which camera to buy. 



Budget Tip**

A great budget friendly tip is to buy the camera body alone first and then invest and buy a lens separately. Most cameras will come with a kit lens.


A kit lens will usually range from a 16-55mm range which covers a broad range from landscapes to portraits. Now, If you desire to take those cool photos that you see on Instagram with a blurry background then the kit lens won’t quite do that for you, you will have to purchase a prime lens such as 50mm lens which is more on the pricier side. 


For beginners wanting to take it to the next level, I would recommend buying the one of the Canon EOS Rebel series. Another great beginner DSLR option is the Nikon D5300

Research & Read Reviews

Remember, every camera ranges in size, price, and quality. It all depends on your priority. It is best to research every camera that you are interested in to make sure it’s you are getting your best bang for your buck!