5 Tips for Building A Brand & Why it's Important AF.

By: Tyeishia 

If you've been anywhere on the internet then I am pretty sure that you've come across the word 'Brand' quite a bit. You've probably heard it through your favorite beauty blogger on YouTube or if you are in the marketing industry (like me) then you've definitely heard the word a time or two--or three. Well there's a good reason why this word is buzzing around the internet like crazy. It's because it's important af. It's important because your brand can create an additional income by being something that you've never been before--Yourself! As you could tell, there's a lot more people making money offline right in the comfort of their home. You see some people working from all across the world using one thing and one thing only--the internet. 

People are creating income by chasing their passions. We live in an awesome time right now. Whatever you are trying to become you can build a personal brand around it. This isn't just for entertainment folks or video bloggers. A personal brand is for everyone because essentially, believe it or not, everyone is a walking brand.

Through the way you speak, your opinions, the way you dress, and what you do all contributes to your personal brand. A brand isn't some fictional character that you make up of yourself. It's simply a way of sharing & expression. The skill that you have could benefit someone at this very moment. So why not put it out there and create an income for it?

A personal brand is what you believe, offer, & value as a person. Simple. Sorry to break it to you, but everyone can't be 'Bad and Boujee' but what you can be is yourself. A personal brand is what sets you apart from the next. Just with any other successful organization or company, a successful personal brand requires a unique voice, image, and signature style that no other can reenact.  

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Here 5 tips for building your brand.

1.) Find your niche

When I first started building my personal brand I looked up to so many people online that I started to form my brand around their opinions and what worked for them. I thought, "Hey, they are getting likes and follows from doing 'xyz' so why not do the same thing?" Wrong! Find the thing that makes you, YOU! 

I found my niche by finding the things that I was good at. I wrote down all of the things that I was passionate about. I figured out my strengths and weaknesses. Once I was able to narrow down my passions, I started identifying problems that people had and if I could provide a solution to their problem. I also looked at my competition. Is the market that I've chosen saturated and competitive? Is everybody and their mama doing it? If so, how could I offer something that will stand out from the crowd? Then lastly, I started testing my ideas. I tried everything that I was possibly good at to see I could be successful at it. Don't ever be scared to re invent yourself. Honestly, I changed my niche at least 2-3 times since I started. You will go on a journey of figuring out what works and what doesn't. Just keep doing the research and get better.



2.)  Market Yourself
Your brand is the work that you do, not the pictures you post. I’ll wait and let that sink in. Hiring a photographer to take pictures of you “working” is not a brand. Yes, I am guilty. At first, I used to spend hours taking pictures just to post to the gram to get attention and follows but realized no one cared about the actual work I was putting out.

I market myself by consistently promoting my expertise on social media. I show up everyday and make a post whether it's a pic for the gram, a quote, a tweet, Instagram Live Q&A. I also engage with my audience. I make it a habit to comment, like, and engage with my followers. You can't expect people to get to know you, if you don't even try to get to know them. Show up everyday, communicate your expertise, and stay consistent.



3.) Collaborate & Network
Putting yourself out there is a must. How will people know your name or what you do if you don’t pick your head up from your mobile phone and actually start a conversation with someone? I’ve met so many people through volunteering and collaborating.

Building a brand takes time. You have to be patient and stay consistent even when no is paying attention to what you are doing. The way that you could reach a bigger audience is putting out more content which includes blogs, videos, stories on Instagram and Snapchat. You should also start engaging with your targeted audience. Find them on social media. Stalk their pages and see what they are struggling with then start creating content around providing the solutions to their problems. 



4.) Create Valuable Content
Okay, look. We have enough people who are at the top right now who serves no value. Sometimes I look at the media and think, “How in the world did this person get here?" We have enough silent successes. We don’t need another one.

Your personal brand should be valuable to someone. Skating your way through with likes and follows won’t get you very far. Enough of being bad and boujee, what can you offer?



5.) Find your target audience

You find your target audience by first figuring out who exactly do you want to target. Is it men, women? Both? How old are they? What are they hobbies? Are they on social media? If so, what platforms are they on the most? After you figure out who your services are targeting, then you should start looking for platforms and brands who have that specific audience and begin to engage with their audience then try to build a relationship with them. It takes a bit of research and time. 


Your brand is always personal. It grows as you grow. It’s never constructed and will never be just one way forever. Don’t over think a brand because you should never have to think about being you. Simple.


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