How to Look Luxurious On A Budget


I've been obsessed with color blocking ever since the old show 'Single Ladies' when  Stacey Dash played a character named, Val. I know ya'll remember that show. That was like the IT show for millennial black women. Although the black community has basically banned Stacey Dash due to her discriminating statements on social media, at the end of the day you can't knock her style and beauty. I remember there was one specific episode where Stacey Dash was wearing this pink scoop neck tee with a high waisted green skirt and blue shoes. Ever since I saw that episode I was fascinated with how colors we would never imagine going together would fit so well. So I made it a fun project to see if I could pull off this color blocking trend while also adding a few pieces to give it a luxurious and classic look but of course--budget friendly! I am all about looking good and saving those coins. Can the church say Amen!


Budget Friendly Stores

So the majority of my clothes come from resale shops like thrift stores, Platos, & Encore. The other stores where I tend to find good items are Zara and Agaci but that's when I have a little extra to spend or I need a specific item.

Looking luxurious on a budget is pretty easy to pull off. All you have to do is add pieces that we associate luxury with like gold accessories, gold chains, neck tie blouses, structured bags, pearls, and silk textures just to name a few. 



The Look

After eyeing this red and pink color duo for sometime, I thought I'd give it a try. I bought both the blouse and the pants from Encore. When I went into the store, I already knew what I wanted so I searched low and high for every pink shirt and red bottoms whether it was a skirt or pants. But I ended up opting for pants because the skirt made it look to childish and I was going for a 'grown & sexy' look.  

Shopping at resale stores could get a little tricky when you can't find what you are looki for but shopping in these types of stores will always spark your creativity! You just have to have a little patience and a visual of how you want to look.  


Although shopping at resale stores could be fun and budget friendly, you want to be very careful of the fabrics and steer away from anything that looks dingy or has stains. Everything should be structured and have clean lines to achieve a luxury look on a budget.


After an 1hr of trying things on, I ended up finding a silk magenta-ish blouse with a neck tie that ended up matching perfect with the red textured bell bottom pants. But I couldn't stop there! 


 Add Accessories 

I had to add more accessories to give off a luxurious look. I found a belt in Platos with a gold buckle and a small hand bag with a gold chain at Forever 21.  The gold accents complimented the silk shirt giving a luxury look. I also added earrings and shades to tie it all together.


Details Matter

Not only should you just add the accessories, you should also take time to groom properly. Did you paint your nails? Is your hair in place? Do you have on rings or bracelets to accentuate your hands? Do you have on pretty lip gloss and a nice smelling perfume? 

Every piece of detail ties into the overall look that your are trying to acheive.  

Let's all say it together--The. Details.Matter.

I didn't start realizing this until I started studying more luxurious fashion trends and compared it to what I was wearing. I started questioning why it always looked better on the model who was wearing it?  

The answer: Details.  

You won't be able to pull of a luxurious look if you aren't willing to get down to the nitty gritty. And yes, grooming costs money. Money that you'd probably rather spend on drinks at the bar (Trust me, I know) but making sure you take the time out level up your style and brand image is important. 


Whenever you have a little extra money, I challenge you to start investing in smaller pieces and accessories that could bring your look alive. 



Remember you don't have to spend loads of money on high end fashion names. All you need to do is focus more on the details.  


Have you ever tried color blocking? If so, comment below!




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