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Ty Timlet, founder of Park and Manor, fashion blogger, and photographer began her journey in the digital space a year ago simply wanting to put her name out to the world. Although her only purpose of blogging was to empower women and blog about business & fashion, she had no clue that only a year later she would set out on a journey to produce visual content for fashion and beauty brands.

After a year of blogging, Ty realized that she possessed a gift of an eye. She could simply look at a building, hear a song, or look at an object and start imagining beautiful visuals in her head. At that point, she knew that she would have to figure out how to produce those images and share them with the world.


While studying Journalism and Public Relations at Texas Southern University, Ty began interning for Houston media companies as a social media manager and content creator. Covering fashion shows and local events in Houston, Ty was responsible for all photography for the media blogs, as well as creating and overseeing content for all social media platforms.

A 'photographer' or 'filmmaker' had never been on her list of titles to accomplish, but her fearless mindset led her to pick up a camera and start taking photos and videos. She began capturing whatever her heart desired--vacations, beauty and fashion look books, events, friends photos, and weddings. Out of all of the things that her heart captured with her camera, it was only one thing that actually captured her heart in return--Fashion.

While most women indulge in beauty tutorials on YouTube from their favorite beauty bloggers, Ty's guilty pleasure is watching a Balmain documentary and getting big-eyed over Dior's fashion productions. Or if she's not on YouTube catching up on the latest fashion & beauty collections, she's stalking the Instagram pages of Dior, Kate Spade, and Gucci and fanatically searching the creative directors and marketing geniuses behind the fashion campaigns. Something about the way those luxury brands positioned their product and created an engaging film behind it inspired her to begin freelancing for fashion brands, creatives, & entrepreneurs in Houston to produce like minded content.

A few months ago, she birthed a production agency, Park & Manor, that strives to create content for brands, entrepreneurs, and artists. She offers branding and visual services from marketing & styling consultations to photography & videography. Park and Manor is striving to become one of the most influential, brand-changing digital media agencies in Houston, Texas.

Ty's journey has been nothing short of an learning experience. She continues to study her craft to create beautiful images while also breaking down fear by pushing barriers and creativity. Although Ty dreams of working for luxury fashion brands in New York or Los Angeles, she doesn't wait for opportunities--she creates them herself.

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